Cotswold Way

Naturism in the Cotswolds

You may not know it, but naturism is enjoying a surge of popularity in the UK and Europe as people are increasingly looking for ways to de-stress, relax and and enjoy life the way nature intended. The appeal of shedding ones clothes and inhibitions, bathing in the fresh air and enjoying the warmth of the sun on your bare skin has never been greater. If you are not familiar with naturism, the practice of enjoying your life without clothes, you might be surprised to learn that it is actually very popular today, and gaining in popularity. Once confined to the privacy of  home, a secluded beach, or a foreign holiday (most likeley European), increasingly people are starting to enjoy other naked activities: Walking and hiking, wild swimming, cycling and a variety of other festivals and social events. Naturism is also being positively featured on national TV and radio in the UK, the Womens Institute are inviting naturists to talk at their meetings and the British Heart Foundation is teaming up with British Naturism to help raise money and awareness of the incredbly valuable work that they do.

Intrigued? Maybe you are already an experinced 'naturist'* or 'nudist'*, in which case all you need to know is that Underbury is a great place to spend time with or without clothes and that your hosts are naturists too. But if you would like to learn more about what naturism means, how to enjoy nude recreation, and how to meet other naturists, then please read on.

Want to know more?

If you wish to learn more about naturism, meet fellow naturists and find other naturist opportunities there are several resources you could refer to. The following are definitel worth checking out:


A Naturist World, a fact finding and social sharing platform for all men, women, couples and families who respect genuine naturist values. ANW has a comprehensive private members area, blogs, features, and reviews along with extensive listings of places where you can visit to enjoy the naturist lifestyle. -

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British Naturism (BN) is the internationally recognised UK national naturist organisation. They exist to unite and support naturists, to protect, and provide more naturist venues, to make social nudity acceptable in the UK and to provide comprehensive information on Naturism and Naturists around the world. -


H&E naturist  is a monthly commercial magazine focusing on the naturist and nudist lifestyle. Regular articles and columns focus largely on travel, health and culture, as well as various features on arts and books with a naked theme.. -


Where is the best naturist place to stay in the Cotswolds?

We are glad you asked! Underbury is a great place to stay whether you are a naturist or not. Want to keep your clothes on? That is absolutley fine with us, but you are also welcome to strip off and enjoy the naturist lifestyle as well.. We only have one self catering apartment, so you will be our only guests and you will be free to do as you please. See our Accommodation page for details

Where else can I enjoy nude recreation in the Cotswolds?

Well, there is nothing to stop you from stripping off and enjoying a naked ramble along one of the many paths and bridleways in the area, it's perfectly legal and can be very enjoyable, but quite frankly this is a step too far for many and probably not advisable unless you are part of a larger orgainsed group. However, there are a couple of  less stressful ways to enjoy some clothes free time in the Cotswolds, and meet some fellow naturists:

Naturally Slad - Located in Gloucestershire’s glorious countryside, lies the sleepy Cotswold village of Slad, immortalised by the author Laurie Lee in his autobiographical book ‘Cider With Rosie’. Little Orchard, home to husband and wife Rod and Terry Clifford, who invite you to share their garden with other naturists on slected days throughout the summer. -

Abbey House Gardens - With 1300 years of history, the first King of England buried somewhere in the garden, two saints thrown down the well, and now one of the great gardens of the world. The spirit of the place shines through and could be the best garden visit you ever make. It is even better if you visit on one of their clothing optional days. -